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The Paramour Group empowers companies to obtain their most critically needed talent by providing a  coordinated strategic acquisition plan via a retained search solution. The notion that one may not adequately represent what one does not know applies both to the firm as well as the talent. We take the time to deeply understand the individuals we represent in order to honor their culture, mission, goals and objectives. Once we fully realize the desired target, we may better discern and define a solution. The more we refine our objective the more narrowly tailored our talent acquisition target market becomes allowing us to create the most focused, cost effective and timely solution. 
We are not a contingency search firm, but rather a retained solutions provider. Our desire is to be a tool in your box brought out only when necessary.
Our firm is deeply embedded in the market as we have specialized in high end 3D graphics and computer gaming for over 25 years. 
Dean is known for having represented some of the best talent in the world.
He is grateful for having represented talent who have created the technical effects in major movies such as the Matrix Trilogy, created the Facial Animation System for EA’s Fight Night, and who have created the technology used in major franchises, and who have written the music used in millions of games. He considers it an honor and a privilege.

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