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Critical Talent Acquisition Meets Solutions Partners

My name is Dean Swett and I’m President of the Paramour Group, a career development, talent acquisition, and talent representation firm.The Paramour Group helps companies with their most critical need hires by providing a  coordinated strategic talent acquisition plan with the hiring authorities via a retained search solution. You can not represent what you do not know and that applies to both the company and the talent side. We take the time to get to know the people we are representing, to understand their culture, their technology, their mission, and their goals and objectives. By understanding the goal, we can better understand and define the solution. The more defined and refined the objective allows us to better define and narrow our talent acquisition target market, bringing in a more focused, cost effective, and timely solution.

We are not a contingency search firm, we are a retained search solution provider. We are not the best solution for every search, we specialize in critical needs. Our desire is to be another tool in your arsenal to be brought into play when needed as a strategic partner.

We know our market, we have specialized exclusively in the computer games industry and high end 3D graphics world for 25 years. Talent representation and career development is what we do and all we have done for over 4 decades. The Paramour Group is also a boutique international booking agency and management company who represent legendary artists from around the world and has for the last 47 years.

In the games industry I’m known for representing some of the best talent in the world and it has been an honor to have represented some of the talent that has had such an impact on the industry I love, whether that is creating the technical effects in major movies, creating the technology used in MM selling franchises,  creating IPS that have sold MMs, or writing the music being performed in millions of games, it has been an honor and privilege.

We can help with any of your critical needs.  In 25 years I have dealt with art, animation, design, software development, marketing, and QA, on all levels, up to the executive level.

My specialty is on the technology side with all kinds of programmers; frontend, backend, graphics, physics, AI, and UI,  I’ve done them all. What I’m known for is my Engine Programmers,  Low Level Rendering Engineers, Tools/Technology, R&D, and 3D Graphics programmers, who I have represented some of the best in the world for the last 34 years.

As an agent, manager, or headhunter, you play with people’s lives and guide them in their career decisions and it is an awesome responsibility that we are given that I take very seriously On the music side I have represented most of my artists for 20-47 years, I’ve represented several of their children, and it is the same on the technology side.  I have candidates that I have represented for over 20 years and have placed multiple times over the course of their career to help advance their career, the same with the companies I have worked with.

That has been accomplished by creating a high level of communication, respect, and most importantly, trust.

The best game programmers in the world do not need me to find a job.  They allow me the privilege of exclusively representing them with their career moves because they feel comfortable, and feel that I have their best interest at heart, and that I understand what they are looking for, so know that I don’t waste their time.  I only reach out to them when I have something I feel that they’d like to know about.  When marketing them, we put together a game plan together based on their goals and desires, which I implement.

You do not turn your career over to someone that you don’t trust with that responsibility and it is the same relationship with the companies that you are representing. Trust is a two way street and it has to be earned by actions. It has been the same representing the talent on the gaming side.   Representing the talent is not the norm, my client companies allow me to do this because they also know I don’t waste their time. If I reach out to you it is because I am representing someone that wants to talk to you, or have someone that I’m representing that I feel you should know about.

That may be once a year, or you may not hear from me for 5 years, but when I come calling people pick up the phone, or look at the resume I sent, because it will never be a waste of their time. Whether they can act on it at that time is another thing, as timing is everything, but if the talent is something they do not want to miss out on, they may find a way to make it happen if they can, and they are grateful for having the opportunity to be included in the conversation, but never regret being asked the question.

As an agent, manager, or headhunter, you are a reflection of who and what  you represent and can only rise to the level of what you are representing. If I can ever be of any assistance I’d love to talk with you about coming onboard to join you’re team  as a critical needs strategic partner.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Wishing you all the best. Looking forward to 2021 and beyond.

Take care and be well.