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Past. Present. Future.

Dean Swett is the Founder and Facilitator of the Paramour Group. The Paramour Group has been helping musicians, programmers, designers, and artists of every variety to navigate their professional lives for over 45 years. 

Dean is a passionate daydreamer who believes in a future that many of us struggle to trust in. He brings an idealism to competitive and cut throat industries, and he leads with heart despite the new shapes of these tech driven new terrains. 

For an untrained observer it may appear as if his work is unrelated and eclectic, but what Dean does is nurture and facilitate the achieving of the dreams and desires of others. He assists musicians navigate the modern music industry and he brings to this journey his knowledge of the inner workings of corporate music as he tends to these strategic negotiations with the utmost heart. 

As a young and idealistic teenager who dreamed of nothing other than being a rock star or professional football player, Dean set out on his adventure taking what he thought was going to be a summer job, and moving from buying and promoting dances and concerts for his local youth center to becoming an agent. At 18 Dean started working for the largest and most successful agency in the state of Wisconsin which later became known as being a breeding ground for great agents, and he has never looked back.

While living in Los Angeles as a single father,after leaving his role as an agent with a major agency who brought him to LA, Dean started a new career working for tech search firm that specialized exclusively in the computer games industry While learning the new industry of computer programmers, coders, and designers  he combined his charismatic experience of nurturing emerging musicians with this new professional experience. 

The Paramour Group combines these two areas of practice creating an altogether unheard of and deeply unique, dedicated boutique firm that operates on a level unlike the large corporate interests most often served within the industry. 

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