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I have spent my entire career representing people with their career development. 47 years as an agent and manager in the music industry with 34 years as a recruiter in the advanced computer technology world, the last 24 exclusively in the computer games industry and 3d graphics world. It is a major responsibility we are given and we must take that responsibility very seriously, we are playing with people’s lives and people put their trust in us. As an agent, manager, or recruiter. you are only as good as the people you represent and they are an extension of you. Communication is key. You can’t represent what you do not know, so it is essential to invest the time up front to understand what you are representing.

A job description is not just a list of required years of experience and coding languages. That is not what is going to attract someone. It’s about the company philosophy, internal structure, company vibe, their technology, location, and the project they are being asked to become a part of. What may surprise you, money has little to do with it. Most companies salaries are pretty competitive in order to compete for the top talent, so if you have a candidate that receives multiple offers, they will normally be within $5,000-$10,000 which is not enough of an incentive to make it all about the money.  It is the other attributes that are the driving force of their decision.

In my experience and opinion, if one offer far exceeds the rest, there is a problem, and it is not the right choice. It normally means that the company is desperate, probably behind schedule and it means you are signing on for a death march which is what you are being paid for. Most people will not put themselves in that position, but there are times in people’s lives where the best decision is to take the money and run.

It usually does not last, the candidate finishes the project and then starts the search for the career they wants, not what they has to accept at the time. You have to learn to be able to step back and realize that it is not our decision as a recruiter it our candidate’s choice, it is there career and it is their life.

You have to learn to let it go, which is hard to do when you are in a commission job. Getting the an offer turned down is not the end of the line.  Learn from the experience, and learn to listen to the people you are representing.   Why did they turn it down?   What it a realistic and justifiable excuse? Even if you feel it is not justifiable, it is the candidate’s choice. This is not something that can be forced, it has to happen organically. If it is meant to be, it will be. Ironically even when everyone involved does their due diligence, it sometimes turns out to be the wrong choice.

Life is always a game of chance. It’s easy to talk about corporate philosophy, and be impressed with a demo or code sample, it is another thing when you are now a part of the team and looking at things under the hood, and sometimes things are not always what they appeared to be, or as presented. So as I said, even when you do your due diligence, you can still make mistakes, and we make them together, and we learn to learn from them. You have to look at this as a long term investment in your career. I have musicians that I have represented from 25-47 years, some I’ve represented their children. I have programmers that I’ve placed multiple times over the course of their careers. I’ve represented very exceptional talent in the industry, strong enough that I was dealing with CEOs and Presidents exclusively, who got an offer from every interview they ever did, up to 15, and never placed them.

Why, because in the end, they looked at the offers they had, and chose to start their own companies instead and take the risk. You can look at it two ways. Being frustrated because you did not make any money, or; you can take great pride and be honored that you represented a candidate who gave you the honor of exclusively representing them that made the CEOS and Presidents of Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony Pictures, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Rockstar, among a few, take your call.

The representation of talent is a responsibility but is also an art which requires open honest engagement and trust. It is important to realize and respect the fact that the talent drives the hiring process and representing the right talent will open any door.




The Paramour Group is a Career Development, Talent Acquisition and Talent Representation firm where music meets technology. We are a boutique international booking agency and management company for recording artists. The Paramour Group has strategic partners located in Europe that brings three independent companies together under one umbrella to work as a team to offer our artists the best in quality worldwide representation

The goal is to work together to provide the best service to our clients. 

The companies will remain independent but will operate as a team for the worldwide representation of our artists and collaborate with the development of their live touring around the world. This give us the ability to expand our individual rosters and sign new artists for worldwide representation knowing that they will be very well taken care of in each other’s care.

Casinos, Clubs, Colleges, Fairs, Festivals, PACS and Theaters, World Wide. Represent company at industry conventions including: E3, Game Developers Conference, Pollstar,  IEBA, NACCA, MIDEM.

Current and past artists have included:  Artillery, AXE, The Babys, Beauvoir/Free, Big V "Vito Banga"​ of Nappy Roots, Black Knights Rising, Brownsville Station, Corky Laing, Danny Johnson, DERRINGER, Diamond Head,  The Dictators, Dwight Twilley, Ethan Brosh, EXUMER, Girlschool, Glenn Hughes,  Hatriot, Hydrogyn,  Killer Queen Featuring Patrick Myers, Micki Free, M:Pire of Evil, Old James, Onslaught, RAVEN, Tim Ripper Owens, Ross The Boss, Uli Jon Roth, Vicious Rumors, VENOM INC, Vinnie Moore, and VIXEN.

Our technology division's specialty is talent representation, and recruiting on retained searches in the computer games industry, with an extensive background in the technology area, specifically 3D Graphics programmers.  Our clients have included: Activision, Bungie, Codemasters, Crytek, EA, Insomniac, Microsoft, Naughty Dog, Raven Software, Sony, Spark Unlimited, Sucker Punch, Ubisoft, and Valve.
We also are available for contract recruiter opportunities.

We represent very senior talent in the games industry with their career development needs, represent development studios as agents, as well as representing their technology and original IPS.  We represent composers as well as having an extensive catalog of music available for licensing.

Consultant responsible for securing and negotiating the licensing rights for major celebrities, and major film characters/franchises, for the development and manufacturing of museum grade fully articulated collectible figures. This includes the negotiated licensing rights for John Lennon's likeness, and helped secure licensing rights for Kurt Russell for "Big Trouble in Little China"