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In Honor of Our Beloved Dead


This was something that I never thought about when I started in the business and it is a strange experience.

Like a parent you are not supposed to outlive your children, but I never considered that with the artists that I’d represent and who’d touch my heart and I’d lose along the way.

Sadly the older you get, the more you lose, and I have lost many that have been younger than I am.

Each made their mark on the history of RNR and I was honored to work with them and miss them all.

There are a few rare individuals that you will meet that will make an impression on you. They have a passion for life that radiates all around them. They are some of the nicest, most humble and giving people you will encounter. Bobby Vee, Domenic Troriano, Jan Kuehnemund and Eric Lowen were a few who touched me in that way.

I’m sure I have more that I am not aware of or have forgotten and if I missed anyone I’m sorry, it has been a long journey and I’ve lost more than I care to think about.

One I remember but have nothing to show to represent him is J.C Hall Jr. better known as Mondo Vers, from the Vers, a brilliant songwriter who was one of most insane frontmen that I’ve ever worked with.

Willie Deville-I was first introduced to Willie Deville when a friend of mine Max Kittle who I worked with in Madison at MCT booked a date for Danny Johnson at the Lone Star Cafe to open for then Mink Deville in NYC for us to showcase for the labels. I later got to represent him when I was at Performers of the World in LA. It was a short lived experience so I never got to do anything with him but I did become a huge fan.

Willy DeVille - Spanish Stroll (Live at Montreux 1994)

Willy Deville - Mixed up, Shook up Girl Live

Mike Hoffman-Guitarist/backing vocals for Yipes, Semi Twang, and Ei Ei Oh! Mike would go on to become a very well known and respected engineer, producer, writer, guitarist/songwriter. Ironically I found out he passed the day after I made my Two For Tuesday post with the Flaming Groovies and Yipes who introduced me to “Shake Some Action”

Yipes! - Out In California/East Side Kids/Good Boys - Live

Jan Kuehnemund-Founder/leader guitarist, writer of VIXEN. I first met Jan when I was 17 and started representing her when I was 18 and represented her on and off as an agent and manager till she passed about 40 years later while I was on tour with Diamond Head.

VIXEN - Edge Of A Broken Heart (Live in Sweden)

Eric Lowen-Part of Lowen and Navarrow one of the greatest songwriting duos of all time. Like with a few of my artists, I came to them late in their career but became a huge fan and fell in love with Eric who was one of the most wonderful people I have met. Sadly we lost him shortly after to Lou Gerick’s disease, but in true Eric fashion he became a champion and educator of the disease till the very end. Most famous for writing “We Belong” that Pat Benatar had a huge hit with as they did with their own version. They had 4-5 AAA hits and were very big with triple A radio. I used to hear them on the radio in Minneapolis all of the time when I lived there. They were charming people much beloved by their fans and wrote some of the most beautiful love songs you will ever hear. I had to give you a double spin because the live one gives you some insight into what charming people they are.

Lowen And Navarro - Just To See You

Lowen & Navarro "All is Quiet" (1993) Record & Tape Traders - Towson MD

Billy Pitcock IV Lead guitarist for the Dwight Twilley Band, along with Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour’s solo projects. One of the most underrated guitarists, except by other guitarists who admired him. He was Dwight’s right hand man in the studio and between the two of them would record most of the parts for Dwight’s solo records. He was the man who was the glue that brought it all together. Known for his incredible, and fast lead solos in short powerpop songs. If memory serves me right he had a MS Degree in history and was an expert in Oklahoma’s bootlegging history. He was a fascinating individual.

Dwight Twilley - Im on Fire 1976.wmv

John Stewart-One of the Voices of Our Time and a generation and one of the greatest songwriters and storytellers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. A political activist and voice of our times who was not afraid to say what was on his mind. A member of the Kingston Trio who would go on to write one of the most played songs of the Century as a teenager, “Day Dream Believer” which sold 5 million singles for the Monkees and another 2 million singles for Anne Murray. He’d go on to write Roseanne Cash’s #1 Hit “Runaway Train” and had top 3 10 hits himself with “Gold” a duet with Stevie Nicks, “Lost Her In The Sun” and “Midnight Wind” from him Bombs Away Dream Babies release. He was a great friend of Lindsey Buckingham and they both had a major influence on each other which you can hear by listening to “Rumors” and “Bombs Away Dream Babies” He discovered that Linsey played guitar like a banjo and John picked up on that which gave them both a very unique style. John hated his most successful record because to him he was too slick and he preferred his more raw performances. I managed and booked him for the last several years of his life. He was the first artist that I received a phone call to comment on his passing, which is how I found out. To honor his wishes, here is the raw version of John which I loved.

John Stewart July 1987 TV appearance

Tom Spanic-Part of the amazing Spanic Boys, the father and son duo that took the world by storm with their unique sound and ability. I had the honor of both booking and managing them for several years till they retired from touring.

From the show I booked them on Conan O’Brien

Spanic Boys Conan O'Brien Show 1994

Ruby Starr-An amazing singer and performer, and one hell of a woman. I had the pleasure of working with Ruby during her days with Blackfoot and Greystar and she was a sweetheart and amazing talent.


Bernie Torme-Like many of my artists I had no idea who he was till I was introduced to him and became a fan. Sadly we did not get to work together long before he passed.

There is only one way to describe Bernie and that is how I described him in my marketing email. Best known as the guitarist in Gillan, Ian Gillan’s band after Deep Purple. What he is most known for is having to replace Randy Rhodes when he passed away on the Ozzy tour, it was an incredible gig and also the worst gig of his life. I represented GMT which was him and John McCoy the bass player from Gillan and Robin Guy. Then represented his solo band, but this is how I got introduced to him.

If you can imagine what a little bit of The Drop Kick Murphy’s, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, The Stones, and The Who, thrown into a pot and stirred would sound like, you have some idea of what Bernie Torme’ is

Bernie Tormé – Guitar God/ Psychedelic Shredmeister/ Glam Punk Sleaze Rock Frontman. Universally known for heroically stepping in & saving the day for Ozzy Osbourne, when Randy Rhoads tragically died, world tours & international fame as lead axe-man in Gillan; also forming the nucleus of Desperado with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider & ex Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, as well as fronting his own bands Electric Gypsies/ Torme (with Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns/ Girl fame), and GMT with fellow Gillan alum John McCoy. Bernie is renowned for bringing his punk vibe to the arenas. He’s also an Irish nutcase.

Gillan - Mr. Universe (Promo 1979) VERY RARE FOOTAGE !

Cant Beat Rock N Roll - Guy McCoy Torme GMT

Domenic Troriano-Dom was an incredible guitarist, songwriter and producer, who was most known for replacing Joe Walsh in the James Gang, and Randy Bachman in the Guess Who. He wrote the Guess Who hit “Dancing Fool”. He later went on to have success as a solo artist. I first met Dom when Randy Schwoerer and I flew into Calgary in the dead of winter to see him at a university. We were then hooked and started working on some US dates for him to support two of his solo releases. Randy and Dom would go on to be lifelong friends.

Domenic Troiano w/ The James Gang

TOPPOP: The Guess Who - Dancin' Fool

Black Market (Domenic Troiano) - Changing of the Guard (1981)

Bobby Vee-What can I say, a legend and a voice of a generation who had 38 top 100 hits and 2 top 10, and one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. Bobby was one of the artists that I worked with when I first started in the industry at 18 and would work with him on and off till he passed in multiple capacities from booking dates to helping license his music. I would later work with his sons The Vees and currently manage his son Robby.

Bobby Vee - Take Good Care of My Baby / The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

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