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Announcing the Creation of a New Division

Life moves in mysterious ways and I must admit I never saw this one coming but serendipity or maybe fate cannot often be predicted.

The rule of thumb is to never do business with friends or family, but I have never been one that follows such traditional rules. I have always followed my own path.

The Paramour Group is a unique company because it is based on me, and who I am. I have a rare combination of skills because I have straddled two industries for decades based on the experiences I have had along my way..

It is not something that can be easily replicated.

It was not till I became a 32nd Degree Master Mason and my daughter became a Hebrew Priestess. While chatting we realized that both of our paths are based on the ancient mystery religions which came from time immemorial; long before any organized religions. We started to have philosophical discussions on life and noticed that we have a common ground based in compassion, co-existence, empathy, equity, liberation, tolerance, charity, and most importantly love.

Rakia has always been a fighter against the injustices of the world from the time she was a young child. She became a Dr. of Law because she was so impressed by the young law students who came out to inform and protect the protesters of which she has always been. She became a Dr. of Law to do the same thing.

Like many of my musicians, she sees what we do not see, and says what we cannot say for fear of the consequences which may follow, but she does so with a fierce resolution.

The lioness does not stray far from the values she was taught, to support those that are less privileged..

Now she works for the National Lawyers Guild, organizing, and supplying those same protectors, legal students, and lawyers, to provide support to the activists in Detroit. She has studied Design Thinking at MIT and is studying Disruptive Strategies at Harvard.

It is an honor and pleasure to announce the formation of a new division of the Paramour Group that I am very proud of. It will be run by my daughter Rakia, and is inspired by our desire to make the world a better place in all that we do.

Yup you can call me both a surprised and proud father who is very excited about the future.

Check out our press release below and read more about this new division here:

You can read more about her at:

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