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Guitarist for Alcatrazz, Alice Cooper, DERRINGER, Rod Stewart, Steppenwolf

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Danny has developed quite a reputation for himself while racking up an impressive list of accomplishments making his mark on the history of Rock N Roll. Being discovered by Rick Derringer at age 18 and was recruited by Rick Derringer to join his new band DERRINGER, Danny went on to do four LP’s with Derringer, and then went on to perform and record with Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Alcatrazz, ( Danny replaced Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen) , Zachary Richard, Graham Bonnet, Stevie Nicks, Dwight Twilley, and Carmine Appice, to mention a few.

Danny then spent 25 years as the lead guitarist in John Kay and Steppenwolf and is on the Steppenwolf "Feed the Fire" CD, the “25th Anniversary Live” DVD, and John Kay’s solo release “Heretics and Privateers”.

His discography includes 20 CD’s and 8 soundtracks to his credit, including; "Wayne’s World" and "Gremlins". "Grih Grih Thing", his second solo project, is Danny’s return to his roots in Louisiana where Voodoo reigns supreme and the music melting pot is stirring up that gumbo. Where blues meets rock n’ roll and is stirred up with a mix of country, gospel and zydeco. Danny released his third solo CD titled "Over Cloud 9", on the Rainman/Sony label. It has featured performances from Carmine, Appice, members of The Kentucky Headhunters, and Steppenwolf , and for the first time in 25 years a reunion with Rick Derringer on a great version of "House of the Rising Sun".

He followed “Over Cloud 9 with the released his fourth solo release, “Love, Sweat, and Tears”.

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