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Co-Founder of the Dictators and Manowar


“Co-Founder of the Dictators and Manowar”

Guitar Legend ROSS THE BOSS “Co-Founder of THE DICTATORS AND MANOWAR” returns to North America, doing a 95% MANOWAR show.

New Line-up Launches “The Discipline of Steel” World Tour 2017 for Ross The  Boss Band:

“Ross The  Boss” Friedman, on lead guitar and co-founder of MANOWAR, launches “The Discipline of Steel” 2017 world tour with Mike LePond on bass (Symphony X); Kenny “Rhino” Earl on drums (ex-MANOWAR); and Marc Lopes on vocals (Let Us Prey).  The tour begins in Mexico and Central America where the RTB Band will headline 2 metal festivals, performing a classic MANOWAR set.  Twenty-five dates in Europe are scheduled in March and April, including an iconic tour of England, where years ago, Ross Friedman began the metal onslaught.  The earth will rumble and the momentum will continue through the summer and fall festival calendar.

Says Friedman, “I have assembled three incredible musicians, and together we will deliver an experience only to be described as, true classic metal.  We are going to devastate every audience, every night, without mercy!”

ROSS THE BOSS - Born Of Fire (2020) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

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