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The Raskins are twin brothers Logan and Roger Raskin born and raised in New York City by their parents Tommy and Judith Raskin. Their father Tommy was well known for his musical career on Broadway starring lead in such shows as West Side Story, Oklahoma, South Pacific, and Annie Get Your Gun just to name a few. While their mother Judith also known in the entertainment community as Judy Lee, was a world renown jazz singer/entertainer known for her tremendous live stage shows throughout the United States. Herald the powerful voice captured with her beauty sending chills down your spin, Judy Lee worked with some of the music industries most talented singers of our time.

Growing up in a household filled with such musical talent it was hard for The Raskin brothers to escape the wonderful world of music. Being exposed to all their mother and fathers sheet music at such an early age, Logan and Roger would go on to learn all the musical classics their parents used to perform. They also would get the rare opportunity to go tour with their parents and actually get to perform with some of the orchestras that were used to accompany both their mother and father. It was clearly important to their parents to always keep the brothers surrounded by music and have musical outlets.

Always a piano present in their home, Logan and Roger began composing and performing their own music at the ripe old age of seven. By the age of fourteen they began exploring the local

musical club scene in downtown Manhattan thus being where the brothers would truly begin to develop their live skills, performing in front of audiences of all ages. It soon became evident that this would be the brothers life calling. Not just performing, but composing their own style and brand of music, which would clearly define who and what The Raskins are all about. Creating a sound which has been described as eclectic and powerful, the brothers drive home a musical vibe which seems refreshingly new and current to most.

Presently living on both coasts of the United States The Raskins have had the wonderful opportunity of composing music for several different television and movie projects, as well as getting the chance to work close with some of the industries biggest directors and producers. The Raskins have currently completed the music for their debut album to be released May18th on Sony RED, along with several music videos featuring tracks from the album.

The Raskins true purpose artistically has become the opportunity to spread the love and joy of their music to the world with a clear message, always follow your dreams and your passions. That is the makeup of the air for which truly allows us to breath and most of all be free. Let us always keep the spirit of music in our hearts and in our soul. We love you all!!!

The Raskins "Save Me Now" Official Video

musical boundaries. If you’d like to learn more about their inspirations, interests, or past work, get in touch today.

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