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The album features nine songs, including never-before-recorded songs I wrote and performed with Dare Force years ago, brand-new tunes written by me, as well as an acoustic tune I wrote when I was 16 years old. I’ve also done a remake of The Beatles’ classic, “Revolution”!

One of the most wonderful aspects of this project has been the chance for me to work in the studio once again with Brian Bart, who is engineering, recording, mixing, mastering, and co-producing the album with me. In addition to writing all but one of the tunes on the album, I am singing all lead vocals, and playing all guitars (lead, slide, acoustic, and bass) on the album.

However, I have also enlisted a "secret weapon," percussion powerhouse Joachim Baecker on drums. Joachim played drums in Rattlin' Bones and Funhouse with former members of Obsession and Flipp, and has worked in the studio with the legendary producer Jack Douglas, and the late, great Mick Ronson, former guitarist for David Bowie.

Joachim and I are also most excited to have a very special guest artist, Danny Peyronel, the original keyboardist for UFO, contributing his stellar keyboard skills to three of the tracks on the album.

snake in the grass v3

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