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and the Traveling Trailer Park


And The Traveling Trailer Park

Kristy Kaos and Jazz Bender met in 1986 in Las Vegas. They started an ultra glam movement in a city that had none. With bands like Juicy Miss Lucy, The Noize Boyz, and Zerofingers they were able to bring sparks to the local scene with the glam, punk, rock n roll sound that would blow up in years to come. Then in the early 90s they went separate directions and lost touch for many years. But in 2009, they ran back into each other and the magic began again. Since then, they've played countless shows tributing many artists. They opened an ran a zombie apocolypse bar called "The End", which was featured on Spike TV's "Bar Rescue". And they now have decided to get back into the original music game, and they call it "KAOS BENDER AND THE TRAVELING TRAILER PARK"!!

Whiskey's All I Got Official Video - Kaos Bender And The Traveling Trailer Park

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