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"Grammy Award Winning Guitarist"

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Grammy Award Winning Guitarist, 5 Time Native American Music Award Winner, multi -platinum selling artist, Micki Free American Horse.

Besides being a Prince Protégé’, Grammy Award winning multi-platinum guitarist for Shalamar, and part of the dynamic duo Beauvoir/Free in Crowns of Thorns, Micki has release 3 incredible blues records which is where his true passion has always been, including a 3 song EP with Bill Wyman including a DVD with Micki and Bill at Hard Rock Calling.

Free was a member of the R&B super group Shalamar who spawned countless top ten hits, including the “Dancing In The Sheets” from Footloose, and “Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills”, for Beverly Hills Cop II.

Micki Free co-star of the Dave Chapelle show Charlie Murphy's true Hollywood story skit!... Fondly referred to as “Micki Free is not a girl”

MICKI FREE ~ MOJO BLACK COFFEE (Official Blues Video )

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